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Ai Weiwei Booklet

Design Challenge: WikiBook

For the WikiBook project in Typography I, we were tasked with creating a 16-page booklet using any content of our choice from Wikipedia.


Experimentation with typographic hierarchy was pushed in this project.


Booklets were restricted to black and white with the option of adding one additional color. A front and inside cover, title page, table of contents, main contents of the book, a colophon page, and a back and inside cover were additional requirements of this project.

My Approach

With artist and activist Ai Weiwei being one of my biggest inspirations in the sphere of the intersection of civic engagement and design, I designed this Wiki Booklet dedicated to him and his several creations.


I used Work Sans as my display font, highlighting Ai's notable qualities as an artist and activist. Helvetica, on the other hand, functions as the text font to create structure and to improve readability.

I decided to limit my colors to black and white to embody the bold essence of Ai Weiwei.

Wiki Book.jpg

Booklet Spread

6" x 6"

Programs Used: Illustrator, InDesign

Writing by Wikipedia

Wiki Book3.jpg
Wiki Book2.jpg
Wiki Book4.jpg
Wiki Book5.jpg
Wiki Book6.jpg
Wiki Book7.jpg
Wiki Book 14-15 compressed8.jpg
Wiki Book9.jpg
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