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Design Culture Now Tabloid Poster

Poster Project Final Draft.jpg
Poster Project Final Draft2.jpg

Programs Used: Illustrator and Indesign

Design Challenge: Tabloid Poster Design

In Typography I, we were tasked with creating an 11"x17" (tabloid) poster using a typographic hierarchy of information. The design of information must constitute the "imagery" of the poster itself, but must not use images or illustrations.

My Approach

    Typographic Hierarchy

    In terms of my typographic system, I used a              geometric typeface called Cy for the                          descriptions of each designer to contrast the            curves of the blob.

    For the titles and headings, I used the typeface        Bluu Next. Lastly, I maintained consistency by            aligning bodies of text to the left.


    I experimented with the interchangability of              negative and positive space using to connecting      posters.

    Upon researching each designer featured                  in Design Culture Now, I discovered that each          one specializes in various sectors of design              (civic design, commercial design, architectural        design, and UI/UX design). My use of blobs to          separate these designers' names, allowing me

    to highlight the distinction between each                  designer.

Poster Project Moodboard.jpg


Untitled_Artwork (1).jpg
Untitled_Artwork 1.jpg
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