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Kimchi Icon Set

Noun Icon Set.jpg

Programs Used: Illustrator

Design Challenge: The Noun Icon Set

Create a set of 10 cohesive icons based on something or someone you care about. Research your noun prior to creating the set.

Process + Execution

Sketch Examples

Why Kimchi?

Kimchi is a staple side dish for Koreans. Most people are familiar with cabbage kimchi. While many believe that kimchi exists solely in the form of cabbage kimchi, this is not true. There are several types of kimchi's that are made from a variety of vegetables, roots, and their different parts. 

Through the noun icon project, I was able to reconnect with my Korean heritage and reminisce on the times my grandmother and I would bond through the process of making kimchi.


Design Decisions

Using the same width around the border of the icons (uniform stroke style) and the tapering strokes to create the 3-dimensional details, the 10 icons came to life. In addition to these strokes, I also implemented several red dotted elements to mimic the red pepper flakes used in kimchi.






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