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The Art of Staff Spinning

Design PCS Project 1 FINAL_edited.jpg

Design Challenge: Creating a Visual Concept

After sharing a conversation with a partner from my Design Process, Context, and Systems class, we were tasked with creating a visual concept inspired by the conversation, without being too literal or interpretative of our partner's qualities. 

Process + Execution


My partner, Maggie, shared that she participates in freestyle staff spinning, which involves the manipulation of the staff.


After gathering more information about staff spinning, creating a magazine cover felt most appropriate as the medium for my project. Furthermore, fluidity and continuity became the two concepts that I wanted to highlight in my magazine cover. 

Final Design Choices

Using the motif of a lightsaber, a commonly used prop in staff spinning, I captured the free-flowing movement and precision of this art.

Programs Used: Illustrator



Design PCS Project 1 Moodboard.jpg


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